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About MileStone Staffing

MileStone Healthcare, Inc. was founded in 1991 and, in 1999, MileStone Staffing was designed and created by medical professionals. In 2005, MileStone Staffing added travel allied, nursing, and therapy to become a full-service, one-stop staffing firm for all your per diem, contract, travel, or permanent placement needs.

Above all, we are dedicated to ensuring that we provide our clients the highest caliber of healthcare professionals available.

MileStone Staffing Values

  • Employee value is enhanced with respect, professionalism, supportive company culture, and competitive compensation recognizing contribution to the success of MileStone Staffing. Client value includes the most qualified and dependable temporary staff available. Communication concerning orders, assignments, and performance is consistent, complete, and correct.
  • Service means that all orders will receive the same superior standard of service. Clients will receive regular and ongoing updates on the status of all client orders.
  • Any employee who no-calls/no-shows and fails to arrive as scheduled for a confirmed assignment will be terminated and placed on a no-rehire status.
  • Integrity means that all assignments are made based on accurate and up-to-date availability, skill / experience matching and with the full knowledge and consent of the MileStone employee(s) assigned and confirmed. Ghost booking of personnel will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Communication is paramount in ensuring a successful assignment. Schedules and availability will be reconfirmed with each employee and client to ensure total accuracy. All shifts are reconfirmed with clients and MileStone personnel prior to the start of each per diem shift.
  • Interaction with all clients and employees will be done in a professional and polite way in all situations and interactions.
  • Accreditation is supported for all clients by strictly adhering to and supporting all regulatory and accreditation requirements. Competency, compliance, and evaluation information will be monitored, maintained, and documented as legally required by the client’s accreditation agency.
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